Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MOPS Feather Key Chain Tutorial

After sharing our welcome gifts with fellow MOPS Leaders I've been asked to make a tutorial on how to make them. Below in the supply list I also have links to where I bought our Feather Key Chain supplies. 
-Supplies Needed-
Key Rings:
Split Rings 7mm:
Feather Charms Lg:
Aquamarine Gem Beads:
Spacer Beads (Can be Found at any craft store.)

-Tools Needed-
Paper Piercer
Small Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Chain Nose Pliers
Split Ring Pliers
The Split Ring Pliers are not necessary but they help quite a bit.
Open the split ring enough to get the loop of the key ring on.
Once the key ring is on I move to a pair of chain pliers for a better grip. 
From there you can attach the feather charm.
All Linked.
Add your beads to the head pin.
Using your fingers as your guide, put your thumb just above
the top bead and right above your thumb cut the wire. 
After being cut.

Next loop the wire using the Small Round Nose Pliers.
Hook on the the split ring of the key chain.
Close the gap using the Chain Nose Pliers.
(I apologize for the blurry photo.)

I made my image on
Printed it out on card stock at 3.75" x 5.75".
I placed a key chain on top to measure
where the key chain should be attached.
I poked two holes and used floral
wire to twist tie the key chain on.
The back.
The finished card and key chain fit
perfectly into a 4" x 6" jewelry zip lock.
Most craft stores including Walmart sell these bags.
You should be able to save this photo if you right click. 
to add text with your MOPS Name.
Please comment or contact me if you have questions.
Happy Crafting!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nest Center Pieces

This years logo and theme for MOPS is beautiful and inspiring.
Our Co-Coordinator and I first started talking about eggs and
birds nest in April though our complete idea was not quite there.  
Mommy alone time is VERY rare
for me, especially in a craft store.  
If I am alone it means I'm on a mommy mission,
groceries or other toddler supplies for the house.
But I finally had that rare moment and went to a
local craft store to let my mind wonder and hopefully
find some inspiration for our MOPS center pieces.
I had an idea of what I was looking for in terms
of supplies and inspiration struck pretty quickly
once I saw what was available..  
Soon I had text messages going back
and forth with our co-coordinator and we had a plan.
I painted the rims of terracotta pots in the colors of our groups.
I pour plaster into each one to keep the branches up and give
our pots weight as we didn't want them to tip over easily.  
Later in the week a few of our Steering Team
Members came over to help me assemble them.
We lined the inside of the pots with moss and greenery.
We pleated burlap on the outside each
planter and embellished with ribbon.
We added eggs and birds to the nests in colors to match the
pot rims and arranged and glued them on to branches.

We are so pleased with the final centerpieces and
can't wait for our MOPS group to see them in August.
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Be You Bravely

MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers has been a true blessing over the last two years. Not only have I a found a group of women that are supportive, but also share the same ups and downs of being a mother. It is my second year as the Creative Activities Coordinator and I'm getting excited about our upcoming projects.
This year our theme is "Be you bravely".
Isaiah 43:18-19 says, Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
I wanted to surprise our leadership with a gift to help boost our excitment for the up coming year. Our retreat is this weekend and I would like to present them to everyone then.
Our groups have already been determined so each leaders necklace has a pearl of thier group color and a burlap bag with their initial ribbon also in their group color. 

In our MOPS welcome kit this year each of us are sent a Courage Key so an extra jump ring has been added for the learship memebers to attach thier keys. My complete necklace is below. 

You can find the bottle cap tutorial here.
I'm hoping to share more this year.   I have some amazing projects lined up. 

*Where did I find my supplies?*

The bottle cap tutorial is here:

I found 100" inch chain at Joann's on sale.   Each necklace is 25".   I found the feather charms, medallions and findings (head pins, lobster claws, jump rings, decorative thick chain) at hobby lobby.   Hobby Lobby carries burlap bags in the jewelry section but they also carry same in the wedding section.    I found mine in the wedding section much cheaper & on sale.   

I bought the bottle caps years ago on ebay and they now sell a tool to punch a hole in the bottle caps.   Sadly I'm not sure what it's called but it was around $10 or so.   

In the tutorial link I used glossy accents, but I used Diamond Glaze this time.   Same idea.   

I have plenty of left over supplies for future projects:). 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today was the first day in months I sat down 
and thought, "What am I supposed to do?"  
No list of crafts or projects that need to be completed.  
Yet, there are a few I know I need to do, 
but are not in need of immediate attention.  
I was relieved though a little confused.

This past summer, I worked on 
everything we needed for the birthday party.  
I choose Teddy Bear Picnic since it speaks 
to all children and adult and it would go 
perfectly with a BBQ style party.   
The girls thankfully have just in the past 
month fallen in love with Minnie Mouse and it's
 still not a priority to do character themed parties.   

After talking to my mom about the theme I 
wanted she offered her beautiful 
back yard as the location.   I was thrilled 
and just needed to get a move on.  
 In May I started planning and 
purchasing items as I found them. 
Checkered/Gingham items are hard to come by after
 Independence Day.  In June I started on the details.  
In July I was lazy but still working :), it's so hot here.   
First of August I was still finding more items 
I wanted to add to the party.   The one items that 
took me forever to complete because I just 
could make myself do it was the banner 
and of course it's one thing I didn't get a photo of :(. 

Welcome to the PARTY! 
Justin worked hard that morning getting 
the sign ready to welcome guests. 
He did such a great job!

Our Welcome Table. 
All little guests had the option to pick 
bear ears, party hats or both. 
Treat Boxes had small coloring books, 
lady bug bubbles and crayons inside. 
Just in case we had older guests we had treat bags 
with true fact books, puzzle balls and bubbles. 
We used the large teddy bear painting on the 
left for our pin the bow on teddy game. 

Our little guests enjoying the slide. 

We invited two beary important guests to 
the party and the kids loved cuddling with them. 

Felt ears were by far my favorite detail, 
but the hardest project. 
A friend helped me attach them to the headbands 
one afternoon and has made me swear no more ears, haha.
There were so many steps in the ear making process that I agree. 
For the girls theirs were the only ones with bows.  
They had matching bows for their ears and hair, 
to help us all see who was who.  
Ava in pink and Olivia in green. 

As an added activity and gift for all our little 
guests they were able to dress their own 
teddy bears with felt vests, party hats and scarves. 
This was a last minute add on activity. 
Ava trying to find Olivia, "You forgot your ears!"

We did hamburgers & hot dogs as our main meal, 
with regular BBQ sides like potato salad, 
pasta salad and chips.  As an added touch I made 
lady bug crackers, (Ritz crackers, cherry tomatoes, 
cream cheese, olives and chives.)

And I couldn't help but make Teddy Bear Trail mix.
Honey Combs, Teddy Grahams, 
Gold Fish, Pretzels, & M&Ms.

Another late addition to the party 
was a pull-string lady bug pinata.
The kids loved it.

And you can't have a birthday party with out Cupcakes! 
I did decorate the cupcakes myself and I am 
beyond happy with how they turned out, 
funky daisy flowers and all.  
I ordered sugar lady bugs and bumble bees to add on top. 

Candles for the birthday girls! 

Our cupcakes and ice cream table.
We did small cup ice cream with 4 
different flavors to choose from. 

Our birthday girls blowing out the candles.
Yes they did it all on their own. 
Don't you love Daddy's hat?



 Elisabeth with Olivia with her very lovely icing face.

Papa, Ava, Olivia & Nana. 

Our big furry guest exhausted after the party.
How they got like this no ones knows.

The party was wonderful and everyone had a blast. 
We took so many photos it's hard to share them all. 
It's two weeks later and I still feel like those bears.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girls, Olivia & Ava.
Thank you all who shared in their special day with them.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Washi This, Washi That...

So many possibilities!
I love to decorate home decor and alter items.
Washi tape is a new favorite medium.

We recently did a busy bag swap at MOPS 
and it got me thinking about what else I 
could do to keep my {gasp} toddlers busy.
They are getting so big :(.   
For Christmas we bought them a 
quilted type fishing set and the love it.
So I thought miniatures would be perfect.
I lined the bottom of the tin with blue 
washi to make water as well decorated the
 top with washi tape in the colors of the fish.  
I then used a cricut image to top it.  
I used Paper Doll Dress Up and Animal Kingdom.
I made a template for the fish 
with chipboard and traced it onto felt.  
I just cut, sew and stuff and tada fish!
I used a small dowel for the fishing rod 
attached bakers twine, and asked my 
husband to sew Velcro on the end. 
These were perfect for the diaper bag. 
We put them to use on Mother's Day and the girls loved them.

Wooden peg dolls are adorable but with 
washi tape dresses they look so much fancier.
I drew on the faces then went to work with dress designs.

I found this little shelf at Marshall's on clearance a few weeks ago.  
Had it gone where it was intended it might have stayed just white.
But it didn't work there so I am using it in my craft room instead.
The washi tape just started wrapping its self lol.  

I did my light switch to match of course.

I used a bath tile to create this little piece of art.  
The background is all washi tape.  

What have you washi taped?



Challenge runs from October 1st - October 31st 2012.